Programs and Opportunities to Engage:

Counseling Sessions:  To provide residents with an opportunity to discuss life issues and discover possible solutions.  (Tuesday mornings)

Inspirational Hour:  To provide motivation and enlightenment for dealing with life's struggles.  (Tuesdays 5:30 PM)

Men's Gathering:  To provide opportunities for men to fellowship and discuss concerns facing them.  (1st and 3rd Friday each month at 9:00 AM)

Ladies' Lunch with the Lord:  To provide opportunities of spiritual renewal, support and refreshments for ladies in the community.  (TBA)

True Kingdom Youth Church:  To provide an "age appropriate" worship service for the youth of our community.  (Saturdays 12:00 noon)

Worship Services:  To provide worship opportunities for community residents.  (Sundays 9:30 AM)